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Unfortunately, agreements reached in the context of a divorce or paternity case are not always honored by both parties. When one party refuses to comply with the terms of a divorce decree or other court order, enforcement proceedings can begin. The first step is filing a complaint for contempt.

At , our family law group has extensive experience representing clients throughout Massachusetts in all divorce and family law matters. We can ensure you understand your rights if your ex is failing to uphold his or her end of an agreement or court order. Likewise, if you are being accused of contempt, we can protect your rights.

We handle contempt cases involving a variety of divorce and family law orders, including child support, custody and alimony.

Child Support Enforcement Lawyers

When filing a complaint for contempt, it is necessary to identify a specific section of the separation or other court agreement that is in effect and has been ignored or otherwise violated by the party being accused of contempt. The most common reasons for contempt claims include nonpayment of child support or failure to pay a fair share of extracurricular activities or secondary education costs.

If a contempt claim is upheld, the party in contempt may be required to cover the attorney fees of the party who filed the claim.

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