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Mirick O'Connell

For parents going through a divorce, their highest priority is making sure that they are able to preserve their relationship with their children. With so much at stake in child custody and parenting time cases, it is important for you to understand your rights as a parent and have an attorney on your side who is capable of achieving a result that meets the unique needs of your family.

At Mirick O'Connell, we bring extensive experience to child custody matters in Massachusetts. In the context of divorce and cases involving unwed parents, we strive to protect the best interest of children while ensuring that the parental rights of our clients are fully respected by any parenting plan that is approved.

Finding Creative Solutions For Parents And Children

Our attorneys believe in resolving custody and parenting plan issues amicably whenever possible in order to preserve a workable relationship between parents who must coexist for their children. Solutions reached through negotiation or mediation are often more durable as both parties are able to reach an agreement rather than have a solution imposed by a judge who is not as close to the situation.

However, our family law group has extensive trial experience and is prepared to litigate when it serves the best interests of our clients and their children.

Westborough Visitation Lawyers

In the past it was common for one parent to have sole physical custody, leaving the noncustodial parent with a visitation plan. In recent years, shared legal custody and shared physical custody have become the standard. This has an effect on child support payments, as the child support formula factors in the custodial responsibilities of each parent.

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