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At Mirick, O'Connell, DeMallie & Lougee, LLP, our family law group represents mothers and fathers in child support cases. We focus on ensuring that children have the support they need while looking out for the financial interests of our clients in Massachusetts cities such as Worcester, Westborough and Boston.

Determining Child Support

The amount of child support to be paid and by whom is decided using a statutory formula. The formula takes a variety of factors into consideration, primarily the incomes of both parents and the amount of time they spend being the custodial parent for the child. Deviations from the formula can be made based on the needs of the child and other special circumstances.

Our attorneys are skilled at finding child support agreements that protect the interest of our clients and cover all issues that can affect child support, including alimony, school expenses and college tuition, extracurricular activities and special medical needs. We can also assist with creating a child support arrangement that maximizes tax deductions in order to ensure a larger amount of money is spent on the children.

Westborough Parenting Time Lawyers

The child support formula was altered in 2009 in order to take parenting time into consideration. If there is a shared parenting schedule, each parent could pay child support or receive child support. This is different from the previous era, where it was considerably more difficult to receive financial compensation based upon shared parenting.

To learn more, see our Child Custody and Parenting Plans page.

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